Property Managers and Landlords

Manage Your Virginia Properties Online

The Property Manager portal allows you to access all units assigned to a “Revert to Owner” agreement (RTO). Information to create an RTO agreement is provided at the bottom of this page. Once registered in the portal, you have access to:

  • Add and remove units from an existing agreement
  • Check the meter status of units
    • Nightly notification of changes to unit status
  • Start and stop service at your units
    • Immediate confirmation of transactions performed
  • Downloadable reports that include:
    • Units associated with your Owner’s Agreement
    • Meter numbers
  • Dedicated support
  • 24/7 online account access

Demos and Samples

Register or Sign In

Note: An active RTO agreement (below) is required before you register or use the portal.

Create an RTO Agreement

Automatically Transfer Service

If you're a rental property owner or agent (or landlord), you can request electric service to designated properties be transferred to your name and continue without interruption when a tenant terminates service (as outlined in the specified conditions).

Select an RTO Agreement Form - If electric service is in your (company) name when the property is not rented, select "companies that own property" below. If electric service is in the property owner's name when the property is not rented, select "companies that manage property" for the owner.

Things to note:

  • Unless you provide seasonal dates for the properties listed in the Agreement, transfers will be automatic.
  • There will be a $14.10 Service Initiation Charge each time electric service is transferred into the owner or rental agent's name.
  • We will send you an Authorization Number to use when transacting business on the accounts covered by the Agreement.

If you have questions, email us or call 877-366-7658.

Release of Information

You can authorize the release of your confidential customer usage-related information to a third party, and/or authorize a third party to take certain account actions on your behalf.