Energy Usage Alerts

Get Alerts. Take Action. Manage Usage.

Your electric bill changes each month based on how much energy you used, which may be more than you expected. Avoid a surprising bill and enroll to receive Energy Usage Alerts. You’ll receive an email, text or both when energy usage exceeds the threshold you set. This gives you more time to conserve energy before the bill arrives.

  • New Feature: You can add up to two email address or mobile phone numbers to receive notifications.

Benefits of Receiving Usage Alerts

  • Get Alerts: Choose how you want to be notified. Receive an alert via email, text, or both when your energy usage exceeds the threshold you set for your account.
  • Take Action: We’ll provide you with your average daily energy usage from the previous month to help you set an alert threshold. When you receive your usage alert, you can quickly make adjustments to conserve energy.
  • Manage Usage: If you exceed your energy usage threshold, find out what changed that is using more energy (learn how).

Get Started

  1. Sign into your account and select the "Detailed Energy Usage" link in the left navigation to enroll. If you don’t have an online account, you can register here.
  2. Select how you would like to be alerted – email, text or both.
  3. Set the energy usage threshold that works best for you and receive notification when it's exceeded.