Non-Residential Billing Options

Dominion Energy offers multiple options for non-residential customers.

Summary Billing (Also referred to as Group Billing or Consolidated Billing) (VA and NC)

  • Available to customers whose service is subject to the Virginia State Corporation Commission or for customers subject to the contract between the County & Municipal League (VEPGA) and Dominion Energy Virginia. Only VEPGA customers need to call for more details; jurisdiction customers can sign the agreement and mail it in. Call for more details at 866-366-4357.
  • Participants must have 25 or more Dominion Energy electric accounts, all in the same name, and mailed to the same address.
  • A cover bill statement, reflecting the sum of all accounts, along with detailed account billings, will be sent to participants. A late charge is assessed when full payment is not received within 28 calendar days of the day of billing.
  • Request Summary Billing by downloading the agreement (pdf), completing and signing it, and email it to

    The form can also be mailed to:
    Customer Billing Services – 10th Floor
    Dominion Energy Virginia
    P.O. Box 26666
    Richmond, VA 23261-6666

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Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) (VA and NC)

  • EDI is the direct computer-to-computer exchange of business transactions between “trading partners,” i.e., customers, vendors, banks, etc.
  • The data exchanged is machine readable and formatted according to transaction standards developed by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI X. 12).
  • Automated Clearing House (ACH) is the preferred method of payment for EDI.
  • To get EDI billing with Dominion Energy, email us at
  • Find out more about EDI.

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