The Haymarket Project will meet the growing energy demands of western Prince William County and the Town of Haymarket, and improve electric reliability for all customers in the region. The new facilities include a substation that will provide service to hundreds of customers and transmission line to bring power to the substation.

Haymarket Map

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July 26, 2018 – The Virginia State Corporation Commission (SCC) issued its final order approving the Haymarket transmission project along the I-66 Hybrid Route, including it in the underground transmission pilot program.

April 2019 - We are currently developing our construction plans and will provide an overview of these plans in the coming months.


  • Provide needed capacity to serve the rapid commercial, residential, and high tech sector growth in the area
  • Help strengthen the electrical grid and improve overall reliability for the community, and
  • Enable continued economic development in the area


The amount of load growth requires a new 230kV double circuit transmission line using existing transportation corridors where possible and requiring new right of way. The new line will extend to a new substation west of the Haymarket town limits.

The new substation, to be built on a shared commercial property, will accommodate future area growth. The combined efforts will provide Dominion Energy, and eventually NOVEC, additional capacity to support continued economic development and improved reliability for the area.

  • Approximate total line length: 5.3 +/- miles (proposed project as filed)
  • Overhead/Underground Hybrid Option: includes 2.2 +/- miles of overhead line, and 3.1 +/- miles of underground line
  • New Overhead right of way corridor will be 100’ feet wide
  • Structure Type: Single Shaft, Double Circuit, Average Height 112' - Typical structure comparison images (galvanized steel)
  • New Underground right of way corridor will be approximately 40' feet wide (an additional 10 feet of temporary right of way will be needed during construction)

Outreach has included letters to neighboring property owners, email updates, local newspaper ads, and public meetings.

We strive to minimize the impacts of our new projects that require new right of way while being sensitive to the permanent change to the community we have an obligation to serve.

Route Maps

Dominion Energy considers a number of factors when studying options for routing new electric transmission lines. We evaluate a route’s constructability and operability while carefully weighing potential impacts on property owners, historic assets and the environment, to name a few. It is important that we study and present various alternatives in order to have a complete application for the SCC to consider, which must include a proposed route, as well as constructible alternative(s).

Ultimately, the SCC will make the final determination of the route location that reasonably minimizes impacts.


Photo simulations and diagrams provide representational views of proposed electric transmission facilities. All projects are subject to change and to final engineering.

The following simulation represents the overhead segment of the I-66 Hybrid Route Alternative; however, the route has undergone minor modifications since this was produced and therefore does not necessarily depict exact structure placement:

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