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Here's What We're Doing

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Newer technology in the works to give customers more options to access their energy usage and save money.

Grid transformation projects across the energy grid will reduce outages, speed up restoration time, and give our customers reliable service they can count on. View a video to learn more about the Smart Grid.

Smart meters let customers take control of their energy usage through new options like timely usage insights, customizable alerts for high energy usage and bills, and outage information. Customers can sign up to receive alerts with updates about their service and restoration status.

And a new customer information platform is in the works to give our customers more options to access their energy usage information and manage their bills.

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Safe, reliable service around the clock, every day.

Now more than ever, we know that access to reliable, stable, competitively priced energy is just as important to residential customers as it is to businesses in Virginia. We're making investments so that critical infrastructure and facilities (e.g. hospitals, nursing homes, etc.) are more resilient. We have announced grid improvement projects like implementing new construction techniques to harden the grid to better prevent and more quickly recover from power outages.

We are moving forward with projects to help expand high speed internet access in rural areas and further contribute to economic development. We have announced grid improvement projects and substation projects using new construction techniques and delivering new technologies to better prevent and more quickly recover from power outages.

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More renewable power, and more options for customers to use clean energy.

A transformed grid will allow us to offer customers new renewable energy options, regardless of where they live, and will support electric vehicle adoption, access and ease of charging to help improve air quality.

We also are developing future-facing projects like offshore wind turbines, microgrids, and battery storage to further reduce our impact on the environment.

The Hosting Capacity Tool is an interactive tool that helps optimize solar projects by providing guidance about which parts of our electric distribution system may be more suitable to site new clean energy installations. Also, we have recently posted the new quarterly Virginia Queue Status Report on the Parallel Generation Interconnection page, under Other Resources.

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Supporting electric cars and school buses.

Electric vehicles cost less to operate than traditional internal combustion cars and have no tailpipe emissions. You can calculate your financial savings and compare CO2 emissions for gas and electric cars over a year of driving using our educational portal Choose EV.

Dominion Energy Virginia implemented the Smart Charging Infrastructure Pilot Program as part of its Grid Transformation Plan. The objective of the Pilot is to obtain the necessary data and resources to understand and manage the future demand for EV charging. This will facilitate further investments, experimental projects, initiatives, or pricing structures that encourage EV adoption while mitigating the effects of EV charging on the distribution grid. We also announced plans for an electric school bus deployment to reduce emissions, provide cost savings to school districts and enhance grid reliability.

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$1 billion in proposed energy conservation programs and increased weatherization services.

Dozens of additional, new energy conservation programs have been approved , and we are just getting started. We will be applying for approval of over $1 billion in energy-saving programs during the next decade, including an expansion of our EnergyShare® program to help families in financial hardship pay their bills and lower their energy use with free energy efficiency upgrades to help keep their bills lower in the future.

Significant Milestones & Announcements

Grid Resiliency & Beyond

Episode 1 – DEI & SUP


  • Maria Tamburri, VP of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion & Employee Engagement
  • Deon Wright, SUP Marketing and Communications Coordinator

Episode 2 – Innovation & the Role it Plays in Our Company's Success


  • Bob Blue, Dominion Energy Chief Executive Officer
  • Mark Webb, Senior Vice President and Chief Innovation Officer

Episode 3 – Sustainability & the Grid of the Future


  • Diane Leopold, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer
  • Aaron Tickle, Grid Resiliency Manager

Episode 4 – Rural Broadband and the Grid of the Future


  • David Walker, Director of Rural Broadband
  • Matthew Heartwell, Manager of Rural Broadband
  • Chauncie Dallas, Rural Broadband Project Manager

Episode 5 – 5G Small Cell Technology & The Grid of the Future


  • Michael Smith, Electric Distribution Project Manager

Episode 6 – Driving the Grid of the Future: EV Technology


  • Wendy Wellener, VP, Shared Services
  • Kathleen Staples, Director, Electrification

Episode 7 – Threats to the Grid and How to Mitigate Them


  • Adam Lee, Vice President & Chief Security Officer
  • John Parrent, Physical Security

Episode 8 – Data Centers & Dominion Energy – Powering the Future


  • Stan Blackwell, Director – Customer Service & Strategic Partnerships

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