Water Heater Repair
and Replacement

Our Water Heater Repair and Replacement provides financial protection for your residential electric, gas or propane water heater. If sediment buildup, corrosion, or normal wear and tear causes your water heater to fail, Dominion Products and Services, Inc. will make all necessary repairs.* If the water heater cannot be repaired, we’ll provide a water heater replacement.

Your water heater is a vital component to your home

The water heater that is tucked away in your home works hard every day to provide hot water for your showers, laundry and dishes. When it fails, it really affects your daily routine.

Water heater replacement and repair costs can be expensive

The cost to repair or replace a water heater can easily exceed $1,000 depending on the size, fuel type, model, and accessibility of your appliance. Water heater problems can be caused by a number of different factors. The most common include:

• Water quality
• Age of water heater
• Location of water heater
• Usage

Water heaters covered by our plan

Standard 30 to 66-gallon electric or 40 to 66-gallon gas home water heaters are covered regardless of age. Certain non-standard water heaters or water heaters used as part of a heating system are not covered, so it is important to read the complete terms and conditions before enrolling.*

Free and simple claim process

Make one simple, toll-free phone call, day or night, and a professional repair crew will be dispatched to your home to quickly repair or replace your water heater.

No long term contract

You may cancel your protection at any time without penalty.

Local contractors you can trust

All Dominion contractors are licensed and insured. We also maintain active background and drug testing programs. All work is guaranteed by Dominion Products and Services, Inc. for professionalism and correctness, and customer satisfaction is measured on each job.


Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia

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*See terms and conditions

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