In-Home Electric Line

Our In-Home Electric Line Repair Program provides financial protection for your failed in-home electrical components as a result of normal wear and tear. Common electrical components covered under the program include outlets, switches, dimmers, wiring, breaker/fuse box, receptacles and connectors.

Even the small repairs can be expensive

The average cost of an electric repair service can vary depending on the problem. For instance, a single outlet replacement can cost $175, but wiring replacement and breaker/fuse box repairs can cost hundreds of dollars, not to mention the added costs, including travel charges and service call fees charged by most electricians. With Dominion Products and Services, Inc., you only pay a low, monthly price and we’ll cover the unexpected repair costs.*

Damages can leave you without electricity

While every system is different, the most common problems include:
  • Outlets stop working or begin to make a humming noise when used
  • Light switches or dimmers no longer work
  • Partial power loss to areas of your home
  • Frequently tripping breakers or blown fuses
  • Electrical panel or fuse box failure

Free and simple claim process

You make one simple, toll-free phone call, day or night, and a professional repair crew will be dispatched to your home to repair your system.

No hidden fees

There are no service call charges, and you may cancel your protection at any time without penalty.

Local contractors you can trust

All Dominion contractors are licensed and insured. We also maintain active background and drug testing programs. All work is guaranteed by Dominion Products and Services, Inc. for professionalism and correctness, and customer satisfaction is measured on each job.


Massachusetts, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia

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