Energy options for businesses and organizations

From small businesses to commercial and industrial organizations, we can provide energy options that can help businesses better manage natural gas expenses and energy needs. Learn more about our various programs so you can select the best fit for the needs of your company.

Small Business
Our small business natural gas plans can provide the flexibility you need to manage your energy expenses. Enroll in one of our fixed price natural gas plans to protect your small business from potential natural gas price increases. Find the natural gas plan that’s right for you.

Commercial and Industrial
Dominion Energy Solutions can provide natural gas plans specific to your commercial or industrial energy needs. To learn how we can help you better manage energy expenses, complete the Commercial & Industrial form and one of our energy consultants will contact you.

Partnering Opportunities
Through Dominion Products and Services, Inc., energy organizations and utilities can increase revenue and customer satisfaction by offering customers a suite of home protection programs. Find out how you can become a business partner.