Reporting Electricity Theft

Every year, energy theft results in losses of billions of dollars worldwide. Unfortunately, customers end up paying for this loss.

Energy theft is a crime punishable by law. It's also very dangerous. The risks of shock and fire can affect everyone, from the perpetrator to innocent family members, friends and neighbors. These conditions can lead to property damage, personal injury and even death.

Detecting Electricity Theft

If you observe any of the following, it could indicate electricity theft.

  • Someone other than a Dominion Energy employee working on an electric meter.
  • Someone other than a Dominion Energy employee digging near underground power lines or tampering with overhead power lines.
  • Individuals "bragging" about low energy consumption or low electric bills resulting from by-passing or tampering with our meter.
  • Suspected illegal activity that appears to use large quantities of electricity.

Help Prevent Energy Theft

Your awareness can help reduce meter tampering and energy theft. If you observe or learn about possible energy theft, you can report it anonymously using the electronic form below, or you can call customer service at 866-366-4357. Information submitted is kept strictly confidential.

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