Transforming the Future of Natural Gas

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Across every part of our natural gas system, Dominion Energy is transforming the way we do business to build a more sustainable future for the planet, our customers and our industry.

Lowering Our Customers’ Carbon Footprint

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Energy Efficiency

Programs like ThermWise help our customers conserve energy by installing high-efficiency space- and water-heating equipment, smart thermostats, and insulated windows. Using less energy helps our customers save money and lower their carbon footprint.

Environmental Expenditures


More Energy
Efficiency Savings
by 2025

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Renewable Natural Gas

We’re using methane from farms, landfills and food waste to heat homes and power businesses with clean renewable natural gas. Learn about Align RNG, our new partnership with Smithfield Foods.

Operating revenue


Reduction in
Greenhouse Gas

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Liquefied Natural Gas

Oil is still used for industry, heating and electricity in many areas pipelines can’t reach. Through our Niche LNG business, we’re helping customers in these areas switch to cleaner liquefied natural gas, which produces one-third less carbon and can be delivered by truck.



Fewer Carbon

than Oil

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Adapting Our System to Support Renewables & Electric Vehicles

We’re changing the way our natural gas system works to help electric utilities use more renewables and to help consumers switch to electric vehicles. We’re making our system more flexible so natural gas is available on-demand when renewables aren’t creating electricity. We’re also making our system more resilient against cyber threats so consumers have the energy they need to power up their electric vehicles around the clock.