A Career at Dominion Energy is the Gift that Keeps on Giving


Approaching his 90th birthday, Robert “Bobbie” E. Davis, Jr. had a special wish: to visit his old workplace, just one more time.

Bobbie retired from Dominion Energy 30 years ago as an engineer in the Transmission & Distribution department, but that wasn’t the only job he had while working for the company. He left the company to serve in the U.S. Military, and Dominion Energy made sure to protect his job while he was protecting our country. That’s something that Bobbie has never forgotten.

When his daughter reached out, we knew what to do. A facility tour was arranged, a Dominion Energy jacket and hat were ordered, and his birthday wish was granted.

Watch the video to see how Bobbie’s surprise birthday party came together, and to hear what a career with Dominion Energy means to him. Warning: you may want some tissues for this one.