Transitioning service members fulfill future workforce needs through Military Fellowship Program

After 24 years of service in the U.S. Army, Jason Vivian began planning for the next phase of his career.  Fortunately for Jason and Dominion Energy, the timing couldn’t have been better. The company was developing a new Military Fellowship Program, which created the opportunity for Jason to begin his fellowship as a Transportation and Compliance Specialist in Supply Chain in September 2019.  It was a win-win.

When Wendy Wellener, VP – Shared Services, first heard of this program, she jumped on the opportunity for her team to participate. Not only had the company achieved successes in the past as a result of hiring veterans, but Wellener also recognized the military’s strengths in supply chain management and logistics.

Transitioning out of the military can often be very challenging for military service members.  The program allows service members the opportunity to intern with the company on a pro bono basis for up to 12 weeks, while continuing to earn their regular salary from the military. 

Military Fellows

Veterans also benefit by gaining civilian work experiences, building their professional networks, sharing their skills and abilities, and having the potential of earning a full-time position with the company in the future.

Jason’s military background was multi-functional and focused on transportation, logistics and quartermaster responsibilities, which have all been a great fit with Supply Chain’s needs. So great, in fact, that he has accepted a full-time position on Tom Stanton’s (Manager, Supply Chain Services) team as a Senior Supply Chain Transportation Specialist.

“The program truly connects transitioning veterans with industry partners in real-world job experiences,” Jason stated.  “These industry partners offer real-world training and work experience in in-demand fields of work, while having the opportunity to evaluate the service members’ suitability for future work in the company.” 

But Jason isn’t the only one who has seen the value that this program brings. Le’Shaunda Mojeed began her fellowship in November as a Materials Specialist prior to separating from the U.S. Army after 10 years of service.  A West Point graduate and Integrated Logistics Officer, her military experience includes materials management, operations, inventory processes and more.  She completed her fellowship on January 31 and has also accepted an opportunity to join the company.

“This fellowship program has been very rewarding and invaluable to me as I move from the military to the private sector,” Le’Shaunda shared.

“My transition has been much smoother as a result of my participation in the program and I would highly recommend it to other service members.  It has not only helped me leverage the skills I gained in the military, but it also enabled me to help reduce a team member’s workload by taking on several of his previous duties, which helped him focus on his primary goals and responsibilities.”

If you are interested in learning more about the program, reach out to:

  • Matt Kellam, Military Recruitment & Program Coordinator, for more information or
  • Tom Stanton to learn more about his experience supporting the program.