In their own words: Kyle J. and Trey S.

Trey and Kyle stand with their coworkers


Kyle J. and Trey S. began working for Dominion Energy in the fall of last year as process assistants in Human ReSolo portrait of Kylesources. Both Kyle and Trey both have high functioning autism and were excited to land jobs with the company. Less than a year later, while Autism Awareness Month is in full-swing, they shared their experiences with Lisa Carnahan, a senior communications specialist in Human Resources.


Kyle J., Process Assistant I, Richmond, Virginia

Lisa: What do you enjoy most about your job?
Kyle: Dominion Energy gives me a chance to finally achieve all of my goals, especially one big goal to get people to help me while I help them.  My fellow employees are nice to each other, collaborate regularly and work well together.

Lisa: Why do you think your job is a good fit for you?
Kyle: I love having the opportunity to help improve and innovate new things and to build friendships with colleagues.
  I would absolutely recommend the company to anyone I know who has an interest in working here if it is a good fit.




Solo portrait of TreyTrey S., Process Assistant I, Richmond, Virginia


Lisa: What is your favorite part of your job?
Trey: My favorite part of my job is sorting and scanning files. I get help whenever I need it and am able to keep up with the pace.

Lisa:  What do you believe makes you successful in your role?

Trey:  I’m passionate about my role and really like my coworkers.  The people at Dominion Energy are very supportive and I really enjoy working for the company.



In addition to receiving guidance and encouragement from their Dominion Energy teams, both Kyle and Trey have had the support of job coaches from VCU’s Rehabilitation Research and Training Center, Christin Monger, Employment Specialist, and Rachael Rounds, Business Connections Program Manager.  They have been instrumental in helping Kyle and Trey integrate effectively within the company and have also provided them with day-to-day assistance.