24 T-shirts: A story of dedication to Dominion Energy

By Alicia H. Jones


T-shirts – we receive them as gifts or prizes. We buy and wear them to show the places, people, or things that have touched our lives in some way. Our bedroom drawers are over-stuffed with layers of this cotton apparel until some find a new purpose, such as housecleaning cloths.


Faith Hooper discovered a creative way to give more meaning to the company t-shirts she’s collected over thirty years. Out of sixty t-shirts, she chose twenty-four of her favorites to help tell the story of her Dominion Energy journey and volunteerism through a custom-made quilt.Faith Hooper stands with her quilt


“Dominion Energy is a company of strong ethics and a place where hard work pays off,” says Faith.


In September, she received her thirty-year service award gift card—a token of appreciation for her hard work and dedication.


Faith wanted to do something significant and memorable with it. She recalled seeing a t-shirt quilt a friend had made for her daughter as a graduation gift. Faith loved the idea and decided to purchase a quilt for herself using t-shirts she had received at work.


Faith put a lot of thought into choosing the t-shirts to display on her twin- sized quilt.


“The t-shirt’s significance, impact that it had on my career, the memories associated with it, and the color and design helped me to decide,” explains Faith.


Although all of the t-shirts that made the cut hold special meaning, Faith highlighted her top three.


First, her “ZERO” shirt (first row, second shirt) represents safety, one of Dominion Energy’s core values.


The Hurricane Irene shirt (fifth row, third shirt) represents teamwork and recognition for all involved with keeping the lights on for customers.


Finally, “On the Job. Every day,” (fourth row, first shirt) is one of Faith’s favorites. In 2015, she and her coworker, Cathy Cobb, attended and photographed the Linemen Rodeo event in Doswell, Va. Three months later, Cathy passed away unexpectedly. This shirt is on the quilt in her memory.


Of course, Faith could not trust just any company to handle her cherished t-shirts. After researching quilt companies, she chose Campus Quilt Company and began the process. From ordering, to crafting and delivery, the quilt made it to Faith about one month later.



Faith’s special connection with company t-shirts began when she helped coordinate efforts to create and distribute t-shirts for Hurricanes Dennis and Floyd in 1999. She then began to coordinate gear (t-shirts, jackets, hats, pens, etc.) for the Power Delivery Group’s events, such as storm duty, safety recognition, and the Linemen Rodeo Team.


Before the internet existed, Faith was a one woman shop for distributing gear to thirty-five Virginia Power Delivery offices and employees located at OJRP, Grayland Ave, Castlewood, Innsbrook, Highwoods, Lincoln Park, Magnolia and Charles City Road.


Currently, Faith is a Training  Administrator for the Power Delivery Safety & Training Center and has held this position for twelve years. One of her responsibilities is coordinating GI Bill Benefits for on-the-job-training for veterans.


She also provides support to PDG executives, directors, other employees, and the community by organizing annual update meetings, volunteer opportunities and Bottom corner of service anniversary quiltassisting with storm duty.


“Get involved with helping others and volunteering,” Faith advises new employees. “Be willing to adapt to change,” she said.


Working at Dominion Energy for thirty years has been rewarding, memorable and instrumental in helping me grow into the person I am today.”


Faith is honored by the projects and opportunities she has been entrusted with over the years. Her dedication has kept her quite busy, though she has a piece of advice for that, too.


“A work-life balance is important, so take a vacation,” says Faith.


This winter, Faith looks forward to snuggling under her t-shirt quilt by the fireplace. Not only will it keep her warm on the outside, but she will be warmed on the inside by thirty years of accomplishments and memories woven into a beautiful quilt.