Utah Rural Expansion Program - Eureka Project

Program Overview

The state of Utah is working hard to identify ways to assist its rural communities faced with economic challenges. Lack of opportunities in these areas is resulting in an increase in unemployment, an increase in poverty and decrease in population.

Bringing natural gas infrastructure to some of these areas can help. 

clean air benefits
Community Benefits

Increase energy efficiency and overall comfort. Lower heating costs for consumers in outlying communities.

environmental benefits
Environmental Benefits

Clean, reliable natural gas supports a cleaner energy future. It's helping the environment, making renewable energy possible, driving economic growth, and providing affordable energy.

economical benefits
Economic Benefits

This project will create more jobs and lower home-fuel and heating prices to the targeted area.

Eureka, Utah, has about 300 homes without natural gas.

Recent polling showed that Utah customers strongly favor natural gas and prefer it as the energy of choice. Eureka was chosen to be the first project to be built under House Bill 422. 

Dominion Energy Utah is able to spend up to $50 million over three years and $125 million over five years for expansion of distribution facilities to bring natural gas to residential and commercial customers in rural parts of Utah (subject to Public Service Commission approval).

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Additional Information

How was Eureka City chosen as Dominion Energy Utah’s first natural gas expansion project?

Multiple rural communities were surveyed to determine their interest in natural gas. All potential communities have been evaluated according to:

  • Project cost
  • The number of potential new customers
  • The impact on current Dominion Energy Utah operations and current infrastructure

Of the communities that responded, Eureka City was chosen to be the first project to be built under House Bill 422. Eureka City’s population is currently 739. Estimates are that its population will increase to 850 by 2020, double in the next five years and triple in the next 20+ years.

When will construction begin?

This will be a $20 million project and the first to be built under House Bill 422. If the Utah Public Service Commission grants approval of the project, construction would start in early 2021, with an in-service date of late 2021. This project will include 11 miles of high-pressure pipeline and about 360 service lines to homes, businesses, etc. Preliminary routing is underway.

If I live in Eureka City and want to get natural gas, how do I find out more about this project?

Community meetings will be held on Monday, Oct. 21 and Wednesday, Oct. 23 from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. at Tintic High School, 525 East Main Street so neighbors can learn more from Dominion Energy’s subject matter experts about the benefits of natural gas and the proposed expansion project.

Will Dominion Energy Utah expand natural gas to other cities who need it?

The company views rural expansion under House Bill 422 as an ongoing program with each project subject to Utah Public Service Commission approval.