Eastern Market Access Project

Meeting the growing energy needs of Maryland and Virginia is an important task. The Eastern Market Access Project (EMA) will bring much-needed clean natural gas supplies to heat homes, cook meals, run businesses and generate clean electricity. 


Dominion Energy is 1 of only 3 companies reducing carbon emissions by more than 40%


Project Description

The Eastern Market Access (EMA) project would provide roughly 294,000 dekatherms per day of firm transportation service – enough natural gas for an average winter day for more than 267,000 households. By adding compression (approximately 31,370 horsepower) along the existing pipeline system, Dominion Energy can deliver the additional supplies of natural gas needed by Washington Gas and Mattawoman Energy Center to heat and power homes and businesses in our thriving communities – while lowering carbon emissions.

a close view of grass with power lines in the background

Preserving the environment, protecting  history

This project utilizes existing rights of way and new state-of-the-art compressor facilities in Virginia and Maryland that are designed to respect the communities we serve while protecting the environment.
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Essential energy, stable prices

Clean, reliable natural gas is leading the way toward a cleaner energy future. It's helping the environment, making renewable energy possible, driving economic growth, and providing affordable energy.

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Partnering with our community

At every step of the way, we’re partnering with the community. Starting with public meetings in late 2016 and continuously engaging in discussions with neighbors.

Solar Panels

Our bright future

We all want energy that makes the air cleaner. Dominion Energy has worked hard to make that happen, cutting carbon emission rates by 43% over the past 15 years. Renewable energy such as solar complemented by natural gas will ensure a transition to a lower-carbon future.

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Increased opportunity, reliable growth

Reliable access to natural gas will provide lasting economic benefits for the region. Affordable electricity and access to natural gas are two of the most critical ingredients for economic development. Eastern Market Access will help ensure both for our region.