Dominion Energy - Western Gas Operations

Questar service truck

Dominion Energy provides retail natural gas-distribution service to more than 1 million customers in Utah, southwestern Wyoming and a small portion of southeastern Idaho through Dominion Energy Utah, Dominion Energy Wyoming and Dominion Energy Idaho. Dominion Energy is regulated by the Public Service Commission of Utah and the Wyoming Public Service Commission.

Historically, about half of the natural gas sold to Dominion Energy retail customers in this region comes from company-owned supplies that are typically more-stably priced than gas purchased from other suppliers. Dominion Energy is also one of the most efficient natural gas utilities in the nation. As a result, rates paid by Dominion Energy gas customers are traditionally among the lowest in the country.

A Dominion Energy natural gas predecessor began serving customers in 1929. In the decades since, there has never been a major natural gas service interruption.