Electric Transmission Access

The operational and planning functions of Dominion Energy's electric transmission system are provided by PJM Interconnection, a regional transmission organization (RTO).

PJM Interconnection ensures the reliability of the largest centrally dispatched electric grid in the world. Read more about PJM's role as a RTO. Acting neutrally and independently, it also operates the largest competitive wholesale electricity market in the world.

Open Access Transmission Tariff


Customer Parallel Generation - Interconnection

You must obtain permission to interconnect your parallel generator to Dominion Energy's electric grid. There are important steps to follow to ensure proper and safe interconnection.

Transmission Interconnections

Transmission Resources

Standards of Conduct Information

Dominion Energy Virginia is committed to adherence with the rules and regulations of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) Standards of Conduct (Order No. 717). Dominion Energy Virginia shall maintain on its Internet website the following informational postings required by the FERC Standards of Conduct and §358 of the Commission's Regulations. This information will be updated within seven business days of any change and will post the date the information was updated.

Statistical Data

Control Area Information

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