Cove Point Terminal

100th tanker at Cove Point

Dominion Energy Cove Point Terminal is located on the Chesapeake Bay in Lusby, Maryland, south of Baltimore. Historically, the facility has received transport vessels, stored liquefied natural gas (LNG) onshore, then transformed it back to gas when needed to meet demand. The Cove Point Liquefaction Project allows Dominion Energy to liquefy natural gas onsite and transport it to tanker ships for export.

Terminal Operation

Cove Point LNG Terminal has a storage capacity of 14.6 billion cubic feet (BCF) and a daily send-out capacity of 1.8 BCF. The terminal connects, via its own pipeline, to the major Mid-Atlantic gas transmission systems of Transcontinental Gas Pipeline, Columbia Gas Transmission and Dominion Energy Transmission.

Receiving and Storing Gas

Specially designed LNG transport ships carry LNG from various locations in the world, including Trinidad, Nigeria, Norway, Venezuela and Algeria. At Cove Point, LNG is off-loaded at an offshore dock, transported through a series of pipes, stored in insulated tanks for subsequent gasification and then delivered into the pipeline.


  • April 2018 - In-service date for the liquefaction facility.
  • March 2017 - In-service date for the Virginia facilities.
  • First Quarter 2016 - Began construction of the Virginia facilities.
  • October 2014 - Began construction of the liquefaction facilities.
  • January 2011 - A reinforced offshore platform was placed into service to accommodate advances in LNG ship technology.
  • March 2010 - Began construction of the pier reinforcement project.
  • July 2009 - The Commission issued an order authorizing the Pier Reinforcement Project.
  • February 2009 - DECP filed an application with FERC for the Pier Reinforcement Project (docket #CP09-60-000).
  • August 2006 - Dominion Energy received approval from FERC to increase the plant's daily output capacity to 1.8 Bcf per day and expand its storage capacity to about 14.6 Bcf.
  • Summer 2003 - Dominion Energy Cove Point received its first LNG shipment.
  • 2002 - Dominion Energy purchased Cove Point from Williams.
  • 2000 - Williams purchased Cove Point from Columbia.
  • 1995 - Columbia reopened the facility to liquefy, store and distribute domestic natural gas for use in the growing Mid-Atlantic region.
  • 1988 - Consolidated sold its interest in the terminal and the Cove Point pipeline to Columbia.
  • 1978-1980 - Cove Point received ship-borne LNG imports from Algeria.
  • 1970's - Cove Point was built by Consolidated Natural Gas Company, parent of what is now Dominion Energy Transmission, and they partnered with the Columbia Gas System to receive, store and process supplies of liquefied natural gas (LNG).