Dominion Energy Transmission, Inc.

Giving more options in moving gas

Dominion Energy Transmission, Inc., headquartered in Richmond, VA, is the interstate gas transmission subsidiary of Dominion Energy. The company is primarily a provider of gas transportation and storage services. We operate one of the largest underground natural gas storage systems in the United States, with links to other major pipelines and to markets in the Midwest, Mid-Atlantic and Northeast regions.

We maintain more than 3,900 miles of pipeline in six states

Ohio, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York, Maryland and Virginia. We store and transport large quantities of natural gas for large customers, such as major utilities and power plants. Dominion Energy Transmission also is a producer and supplier of natural gas liquids at facilities in West Virginia and Maryland.

By making enhancements to our existing facilities, we are giving large customers more options in moving gas into their markets. We also are implementing innovative new ways to serve customers with products and services that go beyond the traditional.


Get the latest information on our facilities and projects, such as the Sweden Valley and West Loop projects.

Pipeline Safety

Learn about our Pipeline Integrity Management Program for natural gas transmission and hazardous liquids pipelines and underground natural gas storage facilities.

Pipeline Construction

Learn about the natural gas pipeline construction process, including permits, filings, grading, trenching, welding, restoration and more.

Royalty Owners

Download information for issues related to gas land contracts (i.e., royalties, rentals, changes in ownership, free gas, etc.).


If there is an emergency involving a Dominion Energy Transmission pipeline, call our 24-hour emergency number: 888-264-8240.

INGAA's Pipeline Commitments

Dominion Energy is a member of the Interstate Natural Gas Association of America (INGAA), whose members have committed to remain responsible, safe and productive members of the communities in which they work. Visit the INGAA website to learn about commitments to landowners, pipeline security, responsible pipeline construction, pipeline safety and methane emissions.

Emergency Information

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