Moving Energy

Moving Energy

Electricity and natural gas are constantly in motion, traveling great distances for delivery to many different customers. Dominion Energy accomplishes this with miles of natural gas pipeline and electric lines. In the end, we deliver energy to more than 6 million utility and retail energy customers (view our profile).

Natural Gas

Distribution in OH, WV and Western States
Natural gas reaches 1.3 million customers in OH and WV over a huge network of gas distribution pipelines via Dominion Energy Ohio and Dominion Energy West Virginia, our regulated natural gas distribution companies. In UT, southwestern WY and southeastern ID, Dominion Energy provides retail natural gas distribution service to more than 1 million customers.

Transmission and Storage in Eastern States
Our regulated gas transmission, gathering and storage business, Dominion Energy Transmission, Inc., moves gas through 12,200 miles of pipeline in MD, NY, OH, PA, VA and WV. It stores and transports natural gas for large customers, such as major utilities and power stations, and is a producer and supplier of natural gas liquids at facilities in WV and MD. New pipeline projects and other enhancements give large customers more options for moving gas into their markets.

Transportation and Storage in Western States
Transportation and underground natural gas storage services are provided in UT, WY and CO by our interstate natural gas pipeline company, Dominion Energy Questar Pipeline, LLC. It owns and operates slightly more than 2,500 miles of pipeline. Dominion Energy Wexpro develops and produces gas reserves on behalf of Dominion Energy, with operations in WY, CO and UT.

Transmission in the Southeast
Natural gas is transported to wholesale and direct industrial customers in SC and GA over approximately 1,500 miles of transmission pipeline operated by Dominion Energy Carolina Gas Transmission, LLC. To keep gas moving safely and to meet rising demand, a number of pipeline projects and replacement initiatives are underway.

Electric Projects and Upgrades
Dominion Energy plans to meet increased demand for electricity through a balanced program of initiatives. These include new and upgraded generating facilities to meet peak demand, and improvements to the electric transmission and distribution system.

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Electric Transmission Access

Review the operational and planning functions of Dominion Energy's electric transmission system.