Reducing Methane Emissions. Working Toward a Sustainable Future.

Infographic showing 50% reduction in methane emissions from 2010 to 2030 Infographic showing that between 2010 and 2030, we project that we will reduce methane emissions by 50%. Since 2010, we prevented 180,000 metric tons of methane and by 2030, we will prevent 430,000 metric tons of methane.

Historic Initiative to Reduce Methane Emissions

Dominion Energy is a national leader in clean energy and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Over the last two decades we’ve dramatically lowered emissions across our electric and natural gas infrastructure fleets, and we’ve vastly expanded renewable energy across the country. Over the next decade, our goal is to go even further.

We are launching a historic, industry-leading initiative to reduce methane emissions from our natural gas infrastructure by 55 percent over the next decade.

Reducing or eliminating gas venting
during planned maintenance and inspections to keep methane in our system and out of the atmosphere.

Replacing older equipment
across our system with new, low-emission equipment to reduce minor emissions sources.

Expanding leak detection and repair
programs to eliminate the smallest and hardest-to-detect emissions across our entire system.