West Virginia and Indiana Wind Generation Projects

Mount Storm

NedPower Mount Storm (West Virginia)

  • Location: Grant County, West Virginia
  • Generates up to 264-megawatts of electricity - half of which is owned by Dominion Energy.
  • Can generate enough renewable electricity to power about 66,000 homes. 
  • The project is a joint venture agreement with Shell WindEnergy Inc.,
  • Consists of 132 wind turbines along 12 miles of the Allegheny Front
  • The electricity generated by the wind turbines flows across power lines from Mount Storm Power Station and over a new 500,000-volt transmission line completed to increase the supply and reliability in Northern Virginia.

Fowler Ridge Wind Farm (Indiana)

  • Location: Benton County, Indiana, about 90 miles northwest of Indianapolis
  • Generates 301.3-megawatts of electricity
  • Can generate enough renewable electricity to power about 90,000 homes.
  • Commercial operation began in March 2009 
  • Became joint-owners in 2008 with BP Wind Energy - who operates the facility