Wind Power

wind turbine generating wind power

What is wind power and how do wind turbines work?

Wind is one of the most abundant renewable resources that create clean energy. It is largely determined by weather patterns, the surface of the Earth, and bodies of water.
Wind turbines are used to convert wind into electrical energy. Whether the turbines are on land or offshore, the process of creating energy is the same. Turbines capture wind with their three blades which turn a generator to create energy.

Wind turbines and their surroundings

Wind turbines are safe, have no impact on livestock and are compatible with farming communities. According to the American Wind Energy Association, in 2016 over $245 million were paid to farming communities for leases tied to wind turbines. This helps in drought-prone farming areas and rural communities. Along with being emission-free, wind turbines do not create additional noise.

Offshore wind power in Virginia

Dominion Energy is committed to ensuring that consumers have the energy they need for the future. This commitment lead to a partnership with Ørsted Energy to develop the first offshore wind project in the mid-Atlantic. The project has been submitted for approval to the State Corporation Commission and surveying has begun.

Other wind energy projects

We also have a project in Indiana. The wind farm generates enough energy to power about 90,000 homes. It is co-owned by Dominion Energy and other energy providers.

Long-Term Dominion Energy Forecast