Scott Solar, Whitehouse Solar, and Woodland Solar

Dominion Energy built three large-scale solar projects that began serving customers in December 2016. The projects total 56-megawatts of installed capacity. At peak output, they are capable of producing enough electricity to power about 14,000 homes.

  • Scott Solar: The solar facility produces 17-megawatts of electricity. It is located on 165 acres of land in Powhatan County.
  • Whitehouse Solar: This project generates about 20-megawatts and is located in Louisa County. It encompasses a 250-acre site.
  • Woodland Solar: The solar facility produces approximately 19-megawatts of electricity located in Isle of Wight County. The project is situated on approximately 200 acres.

The three projects include facilities comprised of ground-mounted single-axis tracking solar panel arrays, which are a reliable, proven technology, and expected to have an operating life of 35 years.

>> View a video of the three projects located in Powhatan, Louisa and Isle of Wight counties

Did You Know?

These facilities created more than 800 jobs during the construction phase and $74 million in economic benefits to three counties in the Commonwealth.