Oceana Solar Facility

In August 2016, Dominion Energy Virginia, the Department of the Navy, and the Commonwealth of Virginia reached an agreement to construct an 18-megawatt solar facility at Naval Air Station Oceana in Virginia Beach, Virginia. In March 2017, the Virginia State Corporation Commission issued its approval for the Company to construct and operate the facility, which become operational in December 2017.

The Commonwealth purchases the solar output and renewable attributes from the facility under a long-term agreement.

In exchange for the nearly 100 acres that houses the 179,000 solar panels of the ground-mounted, single-axis tracking facility, the Navy receives an alternative electric feed, which increases energy resiliency on the base. The facility is capable of producing enough electricity at peak production to power approximately 4,400 homes.

Oceana is the second solar project that Dominion Energy has collaborated on with the Navy. In December 2015, construction was completed on the Morgan’s Corner Solar Facility, a fixed-tilt 20-megawatt facility in Pasquotank County, North Carolina. The project is under a power purchase agreement with Navy.

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