Powering Virginia


To meet the needs of our customers and the environment, Dominion Energy is committed to delivering more clean energy for Virginia. Additionally, low-carbon natural gas and nuclear will be critical to delivering around-the-clock power to ensure reliability for customers.

Many solar panels with sun shining

Power from the Sun

We see solar energy playing a significantly greater role in meeting the energy needs of our customers. In the next 15 years, Dominion Energy plans to increase solar output in Virginia to power 1.18 million homes at peak sunlight. Additionally, the cost of universal-scale solar is dropping, making it easier to increase our reliance on renewable resources while still keeping costs low.


Female Dominion Energy Employee working in safety equipment with gas lines

Clean Natural Gas

Power stations fueled by natural gas can run around the clock or quickly ramp up and down to fill in the gaps for solar. This is why new natural gas infrastructure ‒ including the Atlantic Coast Pipeline ‒ is such an important part of a comprehensive energy strategy for Virginia.

Offshore wind turbine

Clean Energy from Wind

The first offshore wind project in the mid-Atlantic will deliver clean energy to Virginia customers. The 12-megawatt Coastal Virginia Offshore Wind project will provide zero-emission wind energy beginning in 2021, with the potential to expand to 2,000 megawatts.

Sunshine over a green field

Carbon-Free Nuclear 24/7

Thanks in large part to Dominion Energy’s nuclear power stations, more than a third of the electricity serving our customers comes from carbon-free sources. Nuclear works around the clock to keep the lights on with no carbon emissions.

Long-Term Dominion Energy Forecast