Greensville County Power Station


Located a few miles west of Emporia, the station completed testing and began generating electricity Saturday, December. 8.

Greensville/Brunswick County, VA
Powers 400,000 homes

Brief Facts

  • Net generating capacity is 1,588-megawatts.
  • Fueled by natural gas, it will use the latest generation of highly efficient combined-cycle technology to produce the electricity.
  • Cost - $1.3 billion.
  • The station will have low-carbon intensity by using clean-burning natural gas and the best available control technology to reduce emissions.
  • In its first year of operation, it is expected to provide up to $7 million in property taxes for Greensville County.
  • Post-construction economic benefits are projected to amount to about $36 million annually.
  • Over its expected 36-year life, the station will save customers about $2.1 billion.
  • The station will have a staff of 49 employees.