Yorktown Power Station

Yorktown Power Station
Yorktown, VA
Powers 285,000 homes

Brief Facts

  • Net generating capacity is 1,141 megawatts.
  • Commercial Operation: Unit 1 - 1957 | Unit 2 - 1958 | Unit 3 - 1974
  • Unit 3 is an oil fired and is used only as a peaking unit.
  • Average daily coal consumption is 2,200 tons.
  • Average daily oil consumption is 20,000 barrels (when operating).
  • The station is located on the historic York River near the Yorktown battlefield, site of the last major battle of the Revolutionary War.
  • The station generates more than 6 percent of the electric power used by the homes, businesses and industries located in the company's 30,000–square mile service area. 
  • The station can produce the amount of electricity  in 1 hour as 110 average homes use in 1 year.