Possum Point Power Station

Possum Point Power Station
Dumfries, VA
Powers 415,000 homes

Brief Facts

  • Net generating capacity is 1,661 megawatts (4 units).
  • Units 3 & 4 are fired using natural gas (converted from coal in May 2003).
  • Unit 5 is an oil-fired unit (#6 low sulfur oil).
  • Unit 6 is fired by both natural gas and no. 2 oil.
  • The station's two oldest units, Units 1 and 2, have been retired.
  • The combined-cycle unit consists of two combustion turbines and a steam generator. Forced air, superheated by natural gas, turns a turbine to generate electricity. Exhaust from the combustion turbines is captured and used to produce steam to power another turbine.
  • By recapturing the waste heat, combined-cycle units burn less fuel and produce fewer emissions than comparably sized conventional units.
  • The station overlooks the Potomac River and the Quantico Creek. 
  • A new 14-mile pipeline was provided due to the natural gas requirements for the station.
  • Approximately 85 percent of the pipeline is located within existing Dominion Energy overhead electric transmission rights-of-way or on other Dominion Energy property.