Clover Power Station

Clover Power Station
Clover, VA
Powers 285,000 homes

Brief Facts

  • Net generating capacity is 865 megawatts.
  • Commercial Operation began: Unit 1 - 1995 | Unit 2 - 1996
  • Average Daily Coal Consumption: 3,786 tons.
  • Approximately one third of the station's total $1.2 billion cost is devoted to environmental protection, controlling sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide, fly ash, and other unwanted materials produced when generating electricity.
  • During the site clearing and construction of the station, a Civil War battlefield was restored and donated to the state of Virginia.
  • The site has a visitor's center, a self-guided tour, and plenty for the family to enjoy. It now is managed by the Commonwealth of Virginia as The Staunton River Battlefield State Park.