Contact the Board of Directors

Contact Directors by Mail

Shareholders and other stakeholders can communicate with our non-management directors individually, including our Lead Director or committee chairs, or as a group or Board committee by sending correspondence by mail, care of the Corporate Secretary, Dominion Energy, Inc., P.O. Box 26532, Richmond, Virginia, 23261.

The Board has directed the Corporate Secretary or her representative to monitor, review and sort all written communications sent to the non-management directors. Communications related to matters that are within the scope of the responsibilities of the Board are forwarded to the Board, Board committee or individual directors, as appropriate. When appropriate, the Corporate Secretary will consult with the Audit Committee Chair, who will determine whether to communicate further with the Audit Committee and/or the full Board with respect to the correspondence received.

Accounting and Auditing Concerns

Concerns relating to accounting, internal accounting controls and auditing matters may also be submitted confidentially and anonymously by contacting the non-management directors by mail, by calling the Dominion Energy Compliance Line at 1-800-628-1798, or via the Internet through the Dominion Energy Compliance Line Online.

Excluded Communications

The Corporate Secretary and her representative are authorized to exclude communications that are related to routine business and customer service matters, bulk advertising or otherwise inappropriate communications, including, but not limited to, business and product solicitations, unsolicited publications, résumés and job inquiries, spam, junk mail, mass mailing and material containing profanity, hostility or material of a similar nature.

Business and Customer Service Correspondence

The Board has also directed the Corporate Secretary or her representative to forward correspondence related to routine business and customer service matters to the appropriate management personnel.