Board of Directors

James A. Bennett James A. Bennett

Director since 2019

Helen Dragas Helen E. Dragas

Director since 2010

Adm. James O. Ellis, Jr. Adm. James O. Ellis, Jr. (USN, Ret.)

Director since 2013

Thomas F. Farrell ll Thomas F. Farrell, II

Director since 2005

D. Maybank Hagood D. Maybank Hagood

Director since 2019

John W. Harris John W. Harris

(Lead Director) Director since 1999

Ronald W. Jibson Ronald W. Jibson

Director since 2016

Mark J. Kington Mark J. Kington

Director since 2005

Joseph Rigby Joseph M. Rigby

Director since 2017

Pamela J. Royal, M.D. Pamela J. Royal, M.D.

Director since 2013

Robert H. Spilman, Jr. Robert H. Spilman, Jr.

Director since 2009

Susan Story Susan N. Story

Director since 2017

 Michael E. Szymanczyk Michael E. Szymanczyk

Director since 2012

Attributes and Skills Experience*
Age Average: 63.1 years
Tenure (years) Average: 7.1 years
Gender - Female 23%
Leadership 100%
Industry 61.5%
Financial 100%
Corporate Governance 100%
Risk Oversight and Management 100%
Government, Public Policy or Legal 76.9%
Human Capital/Talent Management 100%
Innovation and Technology 53.8%
Environmental 61.5%
Customer Satisfaction and/or Service 76.9%

*As of May 1, 2019

View additional attribute charts (including gender diversity, age mix and board tenure) in the 2019 proxy statement.

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