Smart Pricing Plan for Homes

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The Smart Pricing Plan is closed to enrollment and concluded on July 31, 2017. Information for participants who choose to remain on the dynamic pricing rate schedule is below.

In this plan, prices on the dynamic rate schedule change based on the day as well as the time of day. During the summer, the highest prices are in the middle of the day between 1 p.m. and 7 p.m., during the winter the highest prices are during the early morning and late at night.

Each day will be classified as a high priced day (A Day), a medium priced day (B Day) or a low priced day (C Day). Low priced (C) days will occur most frequently, at least 280 days a year. There will be no more than 30 high-priced (A) days per year

Rates during non-peak hours, the largest portion of your billing hours, are significantly lower than the current standard residential rate. Rates for the on-peak hours are higher than the average rate.

For most, energy costs are heavily impacted by heating and cooling, hot water and large appliance usage. You can save energy by managing how and when you use these items.

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