Smart Meter Locations

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Since 2009, Dominion Energy has installed over 400,000 smart meters in areas of Virginia and North Carolina. In 2018, we continued our investment in smart meter technology by expanding into our Herndon office service area. The deployment in this area was completed in the third quarter 2018. Check back here in 2019 for information on additional planned smart meter deployments.

One way to determine if your home or business has a smart meter is by logging into Manage Account.  If you see a link to Detailed Energy Usage along the left hand side you have a smart meter. Learn more about this feature here.

In Virginia, smart meter installations have been completed in Elkton, Charlottesville, Richmond, Midlothian, and Williamsburg. In North Carolina, installations have been completed in Edgecomb and Martin.  Installations are in progress in the Herndon area of Northern Virginia.