Detailed Energy Usage

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Customers who have a smart meter are able to see how much energy they are consuming by month, day, and 30-minute intervals.  Log into Manage Account to automatically see your monthly and daily information which will help you make informed energy choices throughout the month.

Customers can enroll to view and download 30-minute interval usage data within Manage Account.

Know More, Save More!

Making comparisons between your daily energy usage can help you understand trends and find ways to save energy.  Viewing temperature information can help you analyze how weather affects your use of electricity.  As you explore ways to save energy and make some changes, track the effects of your changes online with the Daily Energy Usage chart. 

Enroll to view and download 30-minute interval data related to your energy usage through Manage Account.

Access Your Energy Data

View your Detailed Energy Usage:

  • Log into Manage Account;
  • Along the left hand column, click Detailed Energy Usage;
  • Enroll to view and download 30-minute interval data related to your energy usage.

From the Meter to the Detailed Energy Usage

What you need to know about your detailed energy usage:

  • Detailed Energy Usage is designed to help you understand how you use energy and find ways to save. The daily usage chart and 30-minute interval data table are updated once a day.
  • Your bill is not calculated on the basis of the data presented. The information presented in the daily usage chart and in the 30-minute interval table may differ from your bill. Refer to your monthly bill for actual usage information. Dominion Energy ensures bill accuracy by validating your data before sending your bill.
  • Your energy data is typically sent from the meter and updated on the daily usage chart and 30-minute interval table on a daily basis but sometimes there may be communication problems. When this happens, you may notice missing data. The latest date displayed is the latest date meter data was transmitted. We continue to improve communications between the meter and Dominion Energy systems to avoid gaps in the data being displayed. If there is a gap, the data will be displayed in the next daily reading in aggregate for the chart, and may be shown as zeros in the 30-minute interval data table.
  • Typically, detailed energy usage represents a 24-hour period. However, in some instances the data may represent more or less than a day’s usage due to the time when the meter data was transmitted. 
  • The weather information presented is based on weather data from your local weather station.
  • If you have a net meter, the daily usage is the delivered usage.

Processing Times for 30-Minute Interval Data Enrollment

  • Typically 30-minute interval data will be available after 3 to 5 business days from initial enrollment.
  • Enrollment may be delayed up to 30 days if your account has not yet billed for the first time or has recently had a new smart meter installed.