Smart Meters

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Installation Update

We continue to invest in smart meter technology in portions of Virginia. View a map of smart meter locations to see if you are in a smart meter area.

About Smart Meters

As technology has evolved over recent years, so has the way in which Dominion Energy communicates with the meter.

Our company uses smart meters, communications and information technology infrastructure to promote energy conservation and environmental responsibility, and improve customer service and utility operations.

What are the benefits of a Smart Meter?

  • Detailed Energy Usage – The ability for the customer to log into Manage Account to receive more detailed energy usage means that you can take control of how and when you use energy.
  • Remote meter readings - We will be able to remotely collect meter readings daily, ensuring that your smart meter is working properly.
  • Power outage detection - Smart meters can notify us when your power goes out and when it has been restored.
  • Healthier environment - Smart meter data collection means fewer trucks on the road, reducing emissions and benefiting the environment.
  • Remote meter turn on and off - Smart meters enable us to turn your electric service on and off without having to send an employee to your home or business.

Additional Information