Yardley Ridge

The Yardley Ridge 230kV Transmission Line Project involves constructing a new 230 kilovolt (kV) double circuit transmission line.


On August 23, 2016, the SCC Commissioners issued their final ruling adopting the July 28 Hearing Examiner report and recommendations and approving Dominion Energy’s application for both the Yardley Ridge and Poland Rd. electric transmission projects along the Stipulated Routes. See SCC Section below for process details.


  • Addresses the rapid commercial/high tech sector growth in a prudent and safe manner
  • Provides needed electrical capacity to maintain overall reliability for the community
  • Supports continued economic development in the area

Northern Virginia Electric Cooperative (NOVEC) has requested new electric transmission facilities to support the growth in energy demand on their distribution system. Loudoun County continues to experience rapid growth in electrical demand, particularly by the commercial/high-tech sector. The County’s attraction to the business community has resulted in the need to build new transmission line and substation facilities located in the Dulles community.


  • The project will require the acquisition of new right of way. The proposed line will extend from a current transmission line in the area to a new NOVEC substation facility to be located off of Arcola Rd between Evergreen Mills Rd and Rt. 606.
  • Approximate total line length:  1/2 +/- miles
  • Right of way:  New right of way corridor will be 100 feet wide
  • Typical structure description: single pole structure (galvanized steel)

Public Outreach

We are committed to reasonably minimizing the impact on communities, historic areas, and the environment by working with local residents and public officials in the study area to identify constraints and opportunities for locating new facilities. Community input is an important part of our routing analysis. We incorporate the input as we consider how projects can best meet the energy needs of our customers, the impact the projects will have on the transmission grid, costs and Virginia State Corporation Commission (SCC) requirements.

Any feedback we receive will be considered and will help us prepare a stronger and more thorough application for the SCC to review. 

Outreach included notification to neighboring property owners, and an information session to provide project details (held on May 13, 2015 at the Arcola United Methodist Church).

Route Maps

The SCC requires us to present the route that meets the need electrically, while balancing impacts and cost to ratepayers, with potential alternatives to compare against. We will prepare an exhaustive routing study that looks at all routing options available, taking into consideration a variety of constraints, such as proximity to residential homes, impact to historical and cultural assets, environmental impacts, just to name a few. Various route options were explored within a specific “study area.”  That analysis has resulted in a set of preliminary routes options for initial review and feedback.

After receiving public input, Dominion Energy plans to submit one Proposed Route with alternatives that have been considered, as per SCC requirements. Ultimately, the SCC will make the final determination of the route location that reasonably minimizes impacts.

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