Warrenton-Wheeler-Gainesville COMPLETE

This Project addresses current and identified future reliability issues associated with the Warrenton Substation in Fauquier County, and the Wheeler and Gainesville Substations in Prince William County. Capacity planning studies show Dominion Energy must expand its facilities by 2017 to continue to serve the area reliably.


  • Right of way restoration is underway and will continue through summer 2019.
  • The permanent Remington-Warrenton Lines are energized
  • The temporary Remington-Warrenton transmission line was removed
  • The permanent Vint Hill - Wheeler line is energized
  • Upgrades to the Wheeler-Gainesville transmission line are complete

Thank You

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we have worked on this important project. We are committed to providing reliable electric power to our neighbors.

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