Varina Substation

Dominion Energy Virginia is committed to providing safe and reliable power to our neighbors. Our electrical planners have identified electrical capacity concerns in the Varina area that could impact local electrical service reliability.



  • Improve overall reliability by putting source of service closer to community,
  • Add needed capacity to serve local residents and businesses, and
  • Support future planned communities.
  • Current and proposed coverage area

Plans were announced last summer to develop a new substation to serve neighbors in the Varina area. Based on a variety of factors, including Dominion Energy’s extensive and ongoing investigations into whether the location of the substation may be moved within the load area, Dominion Energy has again requested that its application filed with Henrico County’s Planning Department be deferred.

Current load models still identify the need for new infrastructure to support current and future growth; however, it is Dominion Energy’s goal to continuing investigating the best location to resolve demand in the immediate area.

Community Meeting -- Updated/Revised Presentation

Dominion Energy is proposing a plan to develop a new substation to improve reliability for the more than 8,000 existing neighbors in the Varina load area and to support forecasted growth projected in the region.


Dominion Energy ’s project team continues to research sites that could bring distribution level (low voltage) power into the Varina area as energy needs continue to increase. Dominion Energy’s current preferred site is located at 7000 Osborne Turnpike in Henrico County on a 10-acre parcel with a large berm and mature vegetation, which will largely be maintained. Work will be required inside a 1.5-acre fenced area, and include installation of new equipment and control enclosure to resolve potential load issues.

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