Scotland Neck-South Justice Branch

This project proposes to connect Scotland Neck Substation with our South Justice Branch Substation via a new transmission line. This will require 100 feet of new right of way and substations expansions. Adding a second source of power into the Scotland Neck Substation will create a networked, or looped, transmission system for the area. This solution will add reliability and operational flexibility to better serve the surrounding communities.


Dominion Energy has recently determined the final routing corridor for the new right of way needed for this project. This decision was based on additional analysis as well as the feedback received from local authorities and the community on our initial routing options that we presented in June. We appreciate the constructive engagement to help us get to this point.


  • Ensures reliable electric service for the community
  • Helps strengthen the electric grid
  • Provides flexibility for Dominion Energy and HEMC to deliver energy to the area

In the coming months, property owners will receive notice related to Dominion Energy’s entry onto properties where surveying, appraisals, studies and other on-site evaluations are required. Dominion Energy will use this data to assist with the detailed engineering of the line (including final placement of the center line), preparation of easement acquisition offer packages and compliance with state and local regulations.

The permitting processes through the county and state/federal agencies won’t begin until later in 2017. However, surveying work may begin as early as the end of 2016.


Dominion Energy currently operates a 115 kilovolt (kV) electric transmission line that provides critical electric service to the counties of Bertie, Halifax and Martin.

The nearly 25 mile transmission line begins at our Earleys Substation in Herford County and ultimately terminates at the Scotland Neck Substation in Halifax County. It serves approximately 5,000 customers, which includes Halifax Electric Membership Corporation (HEMC) members. This line is the only transmission source of power for the area, which means those served from this line are at risk for prolonged outages since there is only a one way transmission feed in place.

Pending applicable permits and purchasing right of way easements, construction on the new transmission line is anticipated to begin by late 2017 and will be completed by early 2018.

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Final Route

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