Rappahannock River Crossing

Dominion Energy’s Rappahannock River Crossing Underwater Electric Transmission Line Project, formerly known as the Norris Bridge Electric Transmission Line Rebuild and Relocation Project, plans to address the aging portion of Line #65, approximately 2 miles, crossing the Rappahannock River. This stretch needs to be upgraded and relocated off the Norris Bridge. The entire 38-mile transmission line will remain 115 kV.


Construction Informational Meeting:
Thursday, Sept. 19, 2019
5 -7 p.m.
Pilot House Inn Restaurant
2737 Greys Point Road
Topping, VA 23169
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Need & Benefits

  • Replace aging infrastructure - in place since 1962
  • Increase reliability and efficiency.
  • Maintain safety for Dominion Energy and VDOT crews
  • Lessen potential hazards to the public.


We currently operate an overhead 115 kilovolt (kV) transmission line that, for about 2-miles, crosses the Rappahannock River and is partially attached to the Norris Bridge (Route 3). The two mile river crossing is part of a single 115 kV transmission line (Line #65) that runs for about 38 miles between our Northern Neck Substation in Richmond County and our Harmony Village Substation in Middlesex County. This provides critical electric service to approximately 19,000 customers in the area and is a primary source of electric power to the Northern Neck peninsula.

The current transmission line includes seven wooden H-frame structures in the water and 14 attachments to the bridge. The Rappahannock River Crossing Project will replace the aging wooden poles and bridge attachments. 

The approved project will replace the existing overhead transmission line and partially attached to the Norris Bridge with an underground transmission line.

Once the new line is constructed, the wooden poles and the attachments on the bridge will be removed.

In its findings, the State Corporation Commission has confirmed that this rebuild project is needed and will improve electric reliability for the 16,000 homes and businesses in the Northern Neck area that depend on us.

Approved SCC Route:

  • Detailed Route Map: Underground Route (as of Feb. 29, 2016) - The underwater route approved shall use high-pressure, fluid-filled ("HPFF") cables installed below the riverbed by a horizontal directional drill ("HDD") construction method.

Routes previously under SCC consideration:


Photo simulations and diagrams provide representational views of proposed electric transmission facilities. These illustrations do not necessarily depict exact structure design or physical placement. All projects are subject to change and to final engineering.

Greys Point Transition Station Fact Sheet

Rappahannock Transition Station Fact Sheet

Depictions of previously considered options:

  • Truescape photo simulations based on the current proposed solution – please note the proper way to view these based on the viewing instructions contained in the document – June 2016 
    • If not scaled appropriately, the photo simulations will not be viewed as intended. In order to set the scale on your pdf, please go to the pdf’s “View” tab and choose the Show/Hide folder and then click on Rulers and Grid -> Rulers. Once the Ruler shows along the top of the page, click on the zoom function until the Ruler notes 4 inches wide.
  • NB+C Photo simulations based on the current proposed solution that will be submitted in our SCC application – Feb. 2016
  • Underground graphics, Plan View and Birds Eye View
  • Barnhardt Option 2 – Trenched Route Option Profile View
  • Fender System Schematic
Previous versions:

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