The Pacific Project involves building a new substation and associated transmission facilities. The substation is needed due to ongoing growth in the high-tech sector which has led to increased demand for electricity in the Ashburn and Sterling areas.



This transmission line and substation will:

  • add capacity to serve the high growth areas,
  • enable continued economic development in the area, and
  • help strengthen the electrical grid and improve overall reliability for the community.

The new substation is planned just west of Sully Road near Pacific Boulevard and Moran Road. This station will be interconnected with our existing facilities in the area via a new transmission line segment. On Nov. 19, 2014, Dominion Energy submitted an application with the State Corporation Commission for review and approval of the Pacific Project. The project was approved by the SCC on Sept. 30, 2015.


The proposed project will be energized by 2016 to support continued economic development and improve overall reliability for the greater community.

A new substation is required west of Sully Road, in the vicinity of Pacific Boulevard and Moran Road. The new Pacific Substation will serve neighboring homes and businesses and will be fed from our 230kV network. In order to connect this new station to the existing network, a new line segment will be needed. This new line segment will require approximately 1-2 miles of new right of way, depending on the route.

The structures for the new line could look similar to other lines already in place in the Ashburn area, and will likely utilize a single, galvanized pole, with three arms on each side of the pole. These structures would vary in height but would likely average approximately 110’ tall.

Outreach conducted over the summer of 2014 included letters to neighboring property owners, newspaper ads, and a public open house.

Route Maps

Dominion Energy’s routing team is exploring and analyzing different potential routes for interconnecting the new Pacific Substation. Public input will be an important part of that analysis. The SCC will make the final determination of the route location.