Idylwood at Shreve Road

The Idylwood Substation Rearrangement Project proposes to rebuild the existing Idylwood Substation at Shreve Road, originally built in the late 1950s, in order to support growing capacity and projected reliability concerns in the region. The proposed enhancements will provide seamless, reliable power to Fairfax County, the cities of Falls Church and Fairfax, and support the energy needs of the Metrorail.

Idylwood Substation Permanent Wall Design Options

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Dominion Energy's substation project will:

  • comply with mandatory NERC Reliability Standards,
  • help strengthen the electrical grid,
  • largely utilize existing substation footprint, and
  • prepare the substation to meet expected growth & demand for the next 10+ years

In February and May 2015, respectively, the Fairfax Board of Supervisor’s and the County Planning Commission approved Dominion Energy’s application to remodel its existing Idylwood Substation at Shreve Road.

After several meetings within the community, Dominion Energy’s project team has been able to incorporate a number of modifications based on community input. The following highlights many of those changes:

  • Dominion Energy has achieved the full 35-foot screening/buffer adjacent to Shreve Road
  • An area of existing trees along Shreve Road has been maintained
  • Dominion Energy has achieved the full 50-foot screening/buffer adjacent to nearly all homes along Holly Manor Drive (buffer areas towards the front of subdivision at the intersection with Shreve Road could not achieve full 50-feet due to substation operation constraints)
  • All backbones have lowered to 75-feet from 95-feet in height
  • Taller proposed vegetation has been added in the corner of the site near the Holly Crest entrance. This area is not underneath overhead transmission lines, and thus can feature some taller trees
  • More robust landscaping areas have been added adjacent to the southern substation property line
  • The back lower yard future expansion has been removed from the application

Our crews are committed to working safely and courteously in your neighborhood, and will utilize signage and flagmen during our work hours. We appreciate your patience as we work to improve reliability and service in your area.

This work is separate from activities associated with the proposed expansion project, which is still under review for approval with Fairfax County.


The existing Idylwood Substation at Shreve Road is situated on a 7.15 acre lot near the corner of Shreve Road and Holly Manor Drive. The existing equipment footprint is 3.99 acres. The proposed equipment footprint is 2.27 acres - resulting in a new footprint that would be 1.72 acres smaller than what exists today.

Due to the limited space at the site, Dominion Energy plans to invest in Gas Insulated Substation (GIS) technology at the site. By utilizing GIS technology, Dominion Energy will be able to largely utilize our existing footprint while modernizing the facility to meet area demand, while minimizing impact to surrounding neighbors.


Photo simulations and diagrams provide representational views of proposed electric transmission facilities. These illustrations do not necessarily depict exact structure design or physical placement. All projects are subject to change and to final engineering.

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