The Haymarket Project will meet the growing energy demands of western Prince William County and the Town of Haymarket, and improve electric reliability for all customers in the region. The new facilities include a substation that will provide service to hundreds of customers and transmission line to bring power to the substation.

Project Updates

March 2020Project update postcard sent to neighbors along construction corridor.

February 2020 – The underground right of way is being prepared for construction. Crews continue to dig trenches for the underground cable conduits and prepare work areas to stage equipment for horizontal directional drilling (HDD) activities under I-66. 

January 2020 – Anticipated start of underground cable installation activities.

December 2019 – Access road installation and other pre-construction activities are ongoing along the underground section.

November 2019 – Crews finished underground work across VA-55 near Haymarket Substation.

October 2019 – Pre-construction activities set to begin in the area of Haymarket Substation.

Interactive Construction Portal


In order to keep our neighbors informed about the construction process for this project, an interactive web portal is now accessible.

We strive to minimize the impacts of our new projects that require new right of way while being sensitive to the permanent change to the community we have an obligation to serve.

Frequently Asked Questions