After more than five decades of operation, the COR-TEN® lattice structures and associated components along the nearly 18-mile line from our Dooms substation to our Valley substation in Augusta County need to be replaced in order to maintain reliability for our customers and add future operational flexibility into the system.


May 2020 – All new structures and foundations are now installed. Crews are in the process of pulling in the new conductor wire.

March 2020 – Crews are removing wire from old structures and installing new structures.

February 2020 – Foundations and structures are being installed.

December 2019 – Existing structure removal and new structure installation have begun in some areas of the project. Access roads and foundations continue to be installed.


Our suggested approach is to rebuild this line in a manner that:

  • Upgrades it to current standards.
  • Provides future system flexibility for the long term by adding the option to add another transmission line on the same structure.
  • Maximizing the use of existing rights of way.


The Dooms-Valley 500kV line was originally built in the early 1960s using COR-TEN steel, which, among other things, gave the steel a rust color. The idea behind using COR-TEN was that it would “seal” the steel with a form of rust patina that would prevent further natural rusting and corrosion. However, the patina layer has not performed as expected and is actually aiding in degrading the steel and reducing the durability of the lattice structures as a whole. Although well maintained, it has come time to address these concerns.


The key purpose of this project is to replace old infrastructure and add future operational flexibility into the system.


Existing Project Area Overview Map

Existing Right of Way Map Set

Existing Transmission Corridor Conditions:

  • Project area is ~18 miles long
  • Right of way width is primarily 150 feet wide
  • Average structure height = 111 feet

Project Presentations:

July 13, 2017 Public Input Meeting Presentation