The Cunningham-Dooms Project replaces the high-voltage line between the Cunningham and Dooms substations that was placed into service in the 1960s. This line is nearing the end of its useful life and needs to be replaced with new equipment to meet current standards.

Existing View


November 2017 - Phase I of active construction has begun in Fluvanna County. The project is divided into three phases. Albemarle is Phase 2 and Augusta County is Phase 3.

May 5, 2017 - The Virginia State Corporation Commission (SCC) issued its Final Order regarding our Cunningham-Dooms 500 kV rebuild project. The SCC found that the line is necessary and issued its permit for Dominion Energy to rebuild the 32.7 mile line.


  • Help strengthen the electrical grid
  • Replace aging infrastructure
  • Ensure reliable electric service for the customers consistent with North American Electric Reliability Corporation reliability standards
  • No new right of way is required.

Construction Updates/Timeline

  • November 2017 - Phase 1 construction begins in Fluvanna County.

Need & Description

  • As approved by the State Corporation Commission (SCC), the galvanized lattice structures will be chemically pre-dulled to mute the finish of the galvanized sheen. The conductor (line) will be dulled to mute its reflectivity.
  • Approximate total line length is 33 miles.
  • Typical structure description – The existing 500kV structures average 106 feet tall with a range from 72 feet to 149 feet. The preliminary approximate heights of the proposed towers range from 108 feet to 174 feet with an overall average height of 134 feet over this 32-mile rebuild project. Compared to the existing structures, the increase in average height is 28 feet. View existing and proposed configurations below:

* Preliminary engineering, as of February 8, 2016


The following simulations compare the existing and proposed views.

Photo simulations and diagrams provide representational views of proposed electric transmission facilities. These illustrations do not necessarily depict exact structure design or physical placement. All projects are subject to change and to final engineering.

Basic map of the route.

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