Carson-Rogers Road

Originally constructed in the 1970s, this line is nearing the end of its useful life and needs to be replaced with new equipment to meet current standards. The proposed Carson-Rogers Road Project will rebuild a 500 kilovolt transmission line between the Carson Substation in Dinwiddie County and the Rogers Road Substation in Greensville County.



  • Help strengthen the electrical grid
  • Replace aging infrastructure
  • Ensure reliable electric service for the customers consistent with North American Electric Reliability Corporation reliability standards
  • Requires no new right-of-ways
  • Provide numerous economic benefits to local communities
    • Incremental increase to local property taxes
    • Employees and contractors support local businesses during construction


This high-voltage line will be rebuilt within the existing right of way corridor that passes through Greensville, Dinwiddie and Sussex counties.

Route Map

SCC Approval Process

The State Corporation Commission (SCC) is responsible for determining the need, route and environmental impact of transmission lines at 138kV and above in Virginia.

Dominion Energy filed an application with the SCC Aug. 18, 2016.

Documents related to this project – case number PUE-2016-00078 – will be made available via the Docket Search section of the SCC website.


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