Power Line Projects

power lines

In the wake of ongoing public health concerns from the spread of the coronavirus, we are mindful of our activities and maintaining property owner interactions with the appropriate social distancing. The work we do is integral to maintaining grid reliability and our crews will continue to perform work as needed to provide reliable energy. For questions regarding projects, email powerline@dominionenergy.com or call 1-888-291-0190.

We power approximately 2.6 million homes and businesses in Virginia and North Carolina. Electricity is carried from our generating stations across 6,700 miles of transmission lines that serve our customers and are part of the Eastern Interconnection transmission grid. 

We continue to invest in high-voltage transmission assets to strengthen grid reliability to our electric customers. Some projects focus on replacing aging infrastructure including rebuilding the 500kV loop that serves as the backbone of our service area, and other focus on new transmission facilities to support growth.