Smart Energy: Transforming Virginia’s Future

We are delivering for our customers, with bold targets for reducing carbon, adding renewable energy resources and transforming the electric grid for more reliable service that meets our customers’ evolving needs. Here’s where we’re going.



Better Service

Newer technology to give customers fewer outages, faster restoration times, and new tools to track and control their energy usage.

New technology being deployed across the energy grid will reduce outages, speed up restoration time, and give our customers reliable service they can count on. We are investing in thousands of smart devices on the grid that automatically report outages when they occur, and prevent certain outages before they happen by identifying equipment that could be near failure. The devices also can isolate outages by automatically rerouting power so fewer customers are impacted, and a allow us to quickly dispatch crews directly to the source of the outage. View a video to learn more about the Smart Grid.

Smart meters will let customers take control of their energy usage through new options like timely usage insights, customizable alerts for high energy usage and bills, and outage information so customers no longer have to notify Dominion Energy when lights are out and alerts to give customers updates about their restoration status. The process for starting or stopping service also is streamlined.


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Clean Energy

More renewable power, and more options to for customers to use clean energy.

A smart grid will allow us to improve how we interconnect with new renewable energy sources like wind and solar. For our customers, that means more ways to use energy that has less impact on the environment. Our energy future will include more renewable energy spread throughout our system. That's why we're transforming a power grid that was designed for one-way energy flow from large power plants to customers to one that can support a two-way flow from energy sources distributed across the grid.

A transformed grid will better integrate renewable generation while ensuring safe and reliable service to all customers, and streamline the process of connecting distributed generation like solar to the grid. It also will allow us to offer customers new renewable energy options, regardless of where they live, and will support electric vehicle adoption, access and ease of charging to help improve air quality.

We also are developing future-facing projects like offshore wind turbines, microgrids, and battery storage to further reduce our impact on the environment.


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Electric Transportation

Supporting electric cars and school buses.

Transportation is the number one source of carbon emissions in the US. We are working to expedite the development of innovative, cleaner, more sustainable solutions for personal and public transportation.

Electric Vehicles cost less to operate than traditional internal combustion cars and have no tailpipe emissions. You can calculate your financial savings and compare CO2 emissions for gas and electric cars over a year of driving using our educational portal ChooseEV.

Dominion Energy Virginia requested approval of the Smart Charging Infrastructure Pilot Program as part of its Grid Transformation Plan. The Pilot Program will support EV adoption while minimizing the impacts of EV charging on the grid. We also announced plans for the nation's largest electric school bus deployment to reduce emissions, provide cost savings to school districts and enhance grid reliability.

We recently partnered with Fairfax County on an autonomous electric shuttle pilot project to learn about deploying autonomous vehicles as part of a large public transportation system while also providing for a path to a lower emissions transportation future Virginia.


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A Stronger Virginia

Safe, reliable and competitively priced energy that fuels Virginia’s economy.

We know that access to reliable, stable, competitively priced energy is just as important to residential customers as it is to businesses in Virginia. We’re making improvements in the grid that will continue to build on these strengths. For example, we're implementing new construction techniques to harden the grid to better prevent and more quickly recover from power outages. We also are continuing to place more of the most outage-prone neighborhood lines underground. We're making investments so that critical infrastructure and facilities (e.g. hospitals, nursing homes, etc.) are more resilient.

In addition, we're adding secure digital networks that are ready for new and emerging technologies, and investing in enhanced standards for physical protection of critical infrastructure and cybersecurity to improve network security throughout the grid. We also are researching ways we can help expand high speed internet access in rural areas and further contribute to economic development.


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Conserving Energy

$1 billion in proposed energy conservation programs and increased weatherization services.

We will be applying for approval of $1 billion in energy conservation programs over the next decade, including an expansion of our EnergyShare program to help families in financial hardship pay their bills and lower their energy use with free energy efficiency upgrades to help keep their bills lower in the future.

We’re also proposing at least $870M in new and innovative residential and non-residential programs to help reduce energy usage in the Commonwealth. in addition, we’re working to support communities in Virginia who are interested in converting streetlights to more efficient and longer-lasting LED technologies and exploring partnerships with localities on energy efficiency measures.


Significant Milestones & Announcements

Dominion Energy files Grid Transformation Plan 1B with Virginia State Corporation Commission

Announce Largest Offshore Wind Project in US

We propose Largest Electric School Bus Initiative in the Country

Dominion Energy Will Pay for Your Old Fridge and Recycle it For You

Look to Expand Broadband Access in Rural Virginia

Announce Battery Storage Pilot Projects

Seeking Solar Generation Proposals

Construction Begins on Dominion Energy Offshore Wind Project

Seek Projects to Expand Solar Development in Virginia

$67M customer bill credits go into effect.

Files reports on broadband feasibility and economic development.

Files solar report.

Issues request for proposals for solar and onshore wind generation.

Files initial new energy efficiency projects for SCC approval.

Files for SCC approval for Coastal Virginia Offshore Wind project.

Files for Phase I of Grid Transformation Plan and file for 240 MW of solar energy.

$133M customer bill credits and $125M annual rate reduction go into effect.

Submitted request for electric transmission underground pilot program (PDF).

The Grid Transformation and Security Act goes into effect.